Doing What Needs to Be Done for a Writing Career

Follow Your HeartI’ve recently decided to cut back on the number of magazines that I’ve been subscribing to. But I still have my Self magazine subscription. In the February 2010 issue, there is an article entitled “Live Your Dream Life” that I wanted to share. It has the following tagline:

“Sometimes, to be truly happy, you have to follow your heart, no matter what everyone else may think.”

The author, a writer who holds a Master’s Degree, tells how she gave up a prestigious college teaching position for a part-time job at a co-op so that she could devote at least thirty hours per week to what she truly loves doing – writing. She shares how she is making sense of this unconventional choice herself and how she is dealing with others’ reactions.

The online version of the article can be found by clicking here. Enjoy!

Questions: Do you know what YOU truly want to do?  How influenced are you by what others think when it comes to your career choice? Are there people in  your life who want you to pursue a certain career but you aren’t sure it’s right for you? If so, how are you dealing with it?


1 comment for “Doing What Needs to Be Done for a Writing Career

  1. Michelle Collette
    March 16, 2012 at 9:22 pm

    I do know what I truly want to do and have decided that while I work on my degree I will stick my toe in the water to see how things go with this idea I have for a career. This way, I can see if it is something that I can eventually turn into a full time job while I gain an education that can never be taken away. Whether I pursue a career based on this degree or not, what I learn from the classes can be useful for many aspects of life, maybe even for this idea of what I would really like to do.

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