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Informational Interview

By now you know that we love informational interviews. Andy has put together some interesting posts on the subject of informational interviewing. If you haven’t had a chance to read many informational interviews or if you just want to get started, is a great resource. I have shared this resource with many of the students that I have worked with that have expressed an interest in informational interviews.

Currently, there are over 102 different careers that are highlighted through informational interviews on The great thing about this site is the diversity of jobs that are profiled. For instance, I was able to read about the career paths of a personal trainer, a cosmetologist, and an elementary school principal all in about 10 minutes.

The site gives you information that answers various questions that you may have about a job including:

  • job description
  • education needed
  • “a day in the life”
  • salary & lifestyle
  • pros and cons
  • trends
  • advice

Essentially you can know nothing about an occupation and by reading an interview with a professional you can get some good advice about many of the different elements and factors of a particular job.

Another aspect of the site that I really like is you can index the informational interviews by the college the interviewer went to or by the employer. Additionally, you can contact the web site administrators to suggest careers that you would like to see or give feedback. All in all, this is a great resource if you are looking to learn more about a career or if you simply want to see how an informational interview might proceed.


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