Making a List of Favorite Career Focused Resources

top-10-listBecause there is so much information out there, your collection of favorite career-related resources can quickly grow to an unwieldly number. So maintaining and organizing your favorite career resources is important to effectively keep track of all the great informational sources that you come across.

I suspect that many will have a list of mostly online resources, with a bunch of websites and particular web pages conveniently bookmarked. But I urge you to be comprehensive in your career exploration and research by mindfully and proactively seeking out other types of resources as well, such as:

  • Books
  • Other types of publications (e.g., trade magazines and e-journals, e-newsletters, etc.)
  • Professional associations
  • Other types of organizations (e.g., campus clubs, etc.)
  • Particular individuals with whom you’ve conducted informational interviews and/or networked previously (e.g., family members, friends, teachers/instructors, acquaintances, etc.)

The following points illustrate one way to create, organize, and maintain your favorite career resources list.

  1. Create a simple document, and give it an obvious title like, “Favorite Nursing Career Resources for 2010.”
  2. Start compiling your list of favorite career-related resources.
  3. Rank each of your resources, and put your #1 favorite at the top of the list, #2 next, and so forth.
  4. For each resource, provide the basic information first, like book title and author, website address, etc., and when you discovered this resource
  5. For each resource, provide a general description and overview
  6. For each resource, provide an explanation of why the resource is a favorite
  7. As you identify new top-notch career resources, just add them to your list of favorites accordingly.

The ideal number of resources to keep track of really is up to you. Some can manage many resources, while others might be more comfortable with a “top ten” list.

Regardless of the number of career resources on your list of favorites, creating a list like the one outlined above not only helps you keep track of all your resources but can also increase the overall effectiveness and efficiency of how you utilize your resources. Such a list is especially handy if you are exploring and researching more than one career topic.


1 comment for “Making a List of Favorite Career Focused Resources

  1. Alex Yau
    June 14, 2011 at 10:48 pm

    This is actually be something that I should start doing soon! As I continue to do more research, I find more professional associations and organizations relevant to my career! Of course there are also news sites and other publications to keep track of as well. Right now I’m not sure if it’s worth my time and energy as I’m still a student and building my skills but it’ll be something to do later on.

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