Getting Started With Your Personal Brand

BrandIn my two previous posts, I’ve tried to show that the concept of personal branding is a recent career development trend that has been making a big impact.

I mentioned in the last post that personal branding can be a very useful tool for practically anyone, from the job seeker to the college student. In this post, I’ll explain why personal branding can be so important and effective. I’ll also briefly share some simple steps to get more engaged with your own personal branding.

You know by now that more and more employers will actually google their employees and any prospective employees. So, it’s important to be careful about how you manage any of the content that you put up on the Internet. Being careful means that you take the necessary time to become very knowledgeable about the privacy settings of any of the websites where you share anything, like writings and pictures. For most of us, I’m talking about Facebook. And if you follow the news at all, last month (May 2010) seems to be the month where Facebook has done a lot of public damage control while implementing fixes to their privacy policies and settings.

So perhaps overall we’re slowly moving in a direction to being better able to control the information that we share online. And just to be sure that someone else hasn’t put up anything embarrassing about us somewhere online, be sure that you google yourself on a regular basis. In fact, I think that googling yourself should be one of the first action steps that you take if you are at all interested in purposefully managing your personal brand. And even if you have no interest whatsoever in your personal brand, I strongly recommend that you google yourself regularly just to know what’s out there about you, if anything.

At this point, please check out an article from Yahoo HotJobs for a brief overview about how to manage and protect your online reputation. I’ve also written a bit about this topic previously.

Now, I’m going to keep things short and simple with respect to getting started with your personal brand. As I’ve already stated, you can google yourself to see what’s out there already about you. But the next step is to take a moment to think about this whole personal branding concept and how it could all apply to you. What are your intentions, if any, with your own personal brand?

Once you’ve reflected a bit, please share your thoughts about this intersection of personal branding, social media, and career planning in the comments section below.

And that’ll be it with this simple 3-part series on the concept of personal branding.

1. What is Personal Branding?

2. Why Personal Branding is Important in Career Planning

3. This post: Getting Started with Your Personal Brand

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