Real-Life Inspiration and a Bit of Hero Worship, Too

Greatest American HeroI’ve always had heroes growing up. From fictional characters when I was a kid, to real people, like my dad, heroes always served as sources of wonder and inspiration.

These days, I don’t have heroes per se (except for my dad, who’ll always be one to me). Instead, the “hero” connotation has evolved to people who, to me, possess the following characteristics:

  • real 🙂
  • compelling
  • nice
  • admirable
  • inspirational
  • at the very top of their career field

Recently, I had an inspirational moment with such a person.

Last week at a gym, I was getting ready to go on a cardio machine when lo and behold I noticed Patrick Willis stretching within ten yards of me. Yes, I stared at him a few times, but I managed to leave him alone and go off to get some cardio exercise.

My cardio work out was going to be a short one because I just wasn’t feeling it. All that changed when Patrick Willis proceeded to hop on a cardio machine very close to the one that I was on.

Here was a person who not only is the most valuable player on the 49ers but is also considered the best player in his position in professional football. Just as important in my opinion is that, by all accounts, he is a stand up individual. I saw a couple of people approach him and he was extremely friendly with them. My brother, who was at the gym after I left, also saw what a nice guy he was to those that approached and talked to him.

Thanks to Patrick Willis, I stayed on the cardio machine about 30 minutes longer than I would have had I not been inspired by his work ethic. It was also great to see first hand how much of a nice guy he seems to be.

Has anyone inspired you recently?


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