Flight Attendant Career Fail: Steven Slater

airplane exitThere’s been a lot of coverage of Steven Slater the last few days over reports of his negative encounter on August 9, 2010 with a passenger aboard an airplane. Comments and opinions about the perils of being a flight attendant to Slater’s sensational “farewell” actions are everywhere it seems.

I think that most will agree that the actions he took in his good bye were a career ending move.  I certainly don’t recommend what he did to essentially quit his job – bad customer service, unprofessional, burning bridges, dangerous, kinda crazy, and so forth.

There’s no way that his actions were spontaneous, right? He must have thought about doing some of those things beforehand, be it telling off the passenger off over the intercom, grabbing a beer, or activating the emergency chute and sliding down it. I wonder for how long he dreamed about this kind of a good bye, knowing that these actions would no doubt lead to career suicide.

Nonetheless, his actions have struck a nerve and resonated with a lot of folks. I wonder if he will inspire others who feel like quitting a job to do so and to do it just as dramatically.

He won’t be working in the airline industry any longer, so that’s a career fail. On the other hand, it seems pretty obvious that he’s headed towards much greener (cha ching!) fields, yes?


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