NBA Player Career Success: Jeremy Lin

JLinShortly before signing with an NBA team over four months ago, Jeremy Lin shared in a video that his career goal was to play professional basketball, be it in the NBA or in a professional basketball league overseas. He knew in his mind and heart that he had the ability and talent, the work ethic, and the drive to just keep at it, keep working hard. It’s evident that he didn’t want to look back on the early stages of his career path and have any regrets.

I was ecstatic when Jeremy Lin signed a 2-year NBA contract with the Golden State Warriors on July 21, 2010. Like him, I’m an Asian American raised in the Bay Area, and I grew up a big fan of the Warriors.

Throughout this past year, I’ve been closely following Jeremy Lin’s career story, rooting for him. I even remember reading about his high school basketball accomplishments a handful of years ago.

It’s one thing for anyone to make it onto an NBA team. It’s another thing for an Asian American to make it to the NBA. You’ve achieved your career goal, Jeremy. Well done! I wonder what your next set of career goals will be. 🙂

Switching gears just a bit, Jeremy Lin’s career story has compelled me to reflect a bit on my own career path and the career planning trends and dynamics I’ve been reading about concerning Asian Americans in general. I’ll share some of these thoughts in a future post.

For more info. on Jeremy Lin and his career path, I’ve listed below several of my current, favorite Jeremy Lin items from around the web.

YouTube clip of Jeremy Lin from an interview about a month or so before his contract signing with the Warriors.

A couple of blog posts from two Bay Area newspapers:

An informative Wikipedia entry on Jeremy Lin, including an “Asian American stereotypes” section that provides a peak into the challenges that Jeremy Lin has endured along his basketball career path.


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  1. Alex Yau
    June 14, 2011 at 11:06 pm

    I went to high school with Jeremy Lin and he was two years ahead of me. I only knew him through my friends and Christian Club. Even though his accomplishments in high school basketball were very impressive, I never expected that he would go on to become a professional basketball player for the NBA.

    I’m envious of his drive and work ethic which seems to be akin to Michael Jordan’s, another legend I looked up to when I was growing up. Jeremy Lin’s story as an Asian-American NBA player is inspiring and should be heard by everyone as it is the picture perfect example of how success can reward a relentless work ethic and the unwavering determination to carry it out.

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