Librarian: Career Action Plan


[Thanks to TG for sharing her career action plan report, a culminating project for a college career planning class.]

As this is my final assignment in this course, I am sure it is known by now that I have decided on becoming a librarian. My first thought on becoming a librarian was when I was about fifteen years old. Being constantly in one, loving to read, and loving the staff, I felt relaxed and capable of doing the job. I started to ask librarians general questions such as what it was like, and what are the responsibilities. I have done research on the field before but I know that it all varies on the size of the library, the neighborhood, and other things that make a difference in duties, salaries, etc. When I took this class, I had a self assessment telling me my strengths, some of which actually met with what a librarian must have. It was after that did I perform a real, organized research on the career field. I know this was the right field to be in.

Now that I know what to do for a career field, I have set goals that meet around being a librarian. Though I am afraid of taking such a huge responsibility in work, I wish to become the second head of the children’s services in the library, a Librarian II. I would be taking a huge chunk of responsibilities of the department but not the actual head person who is in complete control and responsible. I wish to be an influence on my co-workers but won’t have to constantly worry about whether I am making a huge mistake. It is a goal that I feel capable of.

Already knowing I wanted to become a librarian, and now working with librarians, I have talked with different departments and leveled librarians. One of my librarian role models used to be a Librarian II. Though she worked extremely hard, it made her feel important and needed. She helped the public and the staff. She liked helping people and that’s why she enjoyed it so, as do I. So I feel it’s a good goal for me to have set.

I tend to work hard to feel like I am doing something useful, that I am not useless. As a Librarian II, I would be constantly busy, helping the public, seeing what the library should offer (books, classes, etc.) and planning out the weekly schedules for the department. To do these tasks properly you need to be organized, punctual, and be on top of things, all meeting my personal values and skills. I have a personal need to be busy and feel that I am doing important work, which I would be if I reach this goal of mine.

To be the best applicant for the job, you most certainly need a Master’s Degree in Library Science and have at least two years of experience. However, the more experience the better the chances. You definitely however need to be known for good organizational skills and communication skills. The one thing I am worried about is requirement of a 3.0 grade point average to be admitted to the School of Library Science. I tend to get a C grade once in a while, making it affect my grade point average, and this might delay my acceptance into the school. Though this is a one position job for each department, I believe that there are not as many people who have the same goal as I do; some see it as too stressful and don’t want to challenge themselves nor seek the responsibility.

The journey of pursuing this goal will not be a simple one. Though I feel myself capable of the job, I need to show it to the hirers and make myself stand out from the rest of the applicants. As I work at a library, I get to know the staff, showing my effort in my work so they will remember me when my time to act for the job comes. The staff will be a big help by being a recommender. However my parents are and will be the biggest emotional and financial supporters in my life. They know the necessity of a higher education in today’s world and want me to have it. Like most parents, they want the best for me and they know that I will do well as a librarian. As the librarians tell me, “Experience is very important.” It will show you know what you are doing, and they will see your name stand out from the others.

There are still other steps I have to take to reach my goal. Today and for the next year, I shall be finishing my general education before becoming acceptable to transfer to San Jose State University. It is there I shall be finishing my Bachelor’s Degree in English in approximately one and half years. After getting my Bachelor’s I will apply to San Jose State University’s school of Library Science. When accepted I shall be there for approximately two years. If this goes as I plan I should be an eligible librarian within five years. I cannot tell when there will be a position in either being a librarian or a Librarian II. Some retire and some are hired in short lengths of time. But when I fit the requirements, I know that they will check me twice, as they will want someone who they know better and know how they work, making a safe bet on hiring.

I really want to be a librarian and though it will take me a while, longer than I wish, I feel content into reaching my goal in becoming a Librarian II. I will feel I didn’t work so hard just to satisfy being a Librarian I, but reaching a little higher in becoming a level II. I should try to reach a little higher since I worked hard and long to become a librarian, so I will be a Librarian II. I don’t like wasting my time so I make plans, and this is one of my plans and I am sticking to it. I will not waste time by giving up half way. I absolutely feel myself capable of doing this job, and I will do it well. I know others feel that I do my job well and I shouldn’t see why they would feel different when becoming a Librarian II.

I have not always felt certain of myself and what I should be doing. The different activities (homework, exercises) we have constantly pointed towards a librarian career. That is why I should feel steady on becoming a librarian. I have never done self-assessment exercises and it was good to see them. Like most people, I find it hard to identify what are my strengths. The assessment did help me realize what I am good at and what careers I could do well in. So if my plan falls, which I find unlikely, there will be other options for me. The biggest help and main step to finding what to plan for is to analyze yourself first. I found my strengths and weaknesses; my own opinion should come first in my life before others. You really need to listen to your voice before others; though they mean to give you advice, don’t do what they say out of fear of messing up, and only take their advice when you believe them to be right. I have that trouble but I will work on it. Of course old habits die hard but that is a bubble that needs to be popped, and I will follow my plan.