Writeup of Online Assessment Results Example No. 1


[Thanks to Eliza for sharing her writeup based on her online assessment results, an assignment for a college career planning class.]

My Strong theme letters are SEC, and my MBTI letter are ESFJ. It was interesting to discover that my Strong codes were almost the same as in the book except for one. Apparently, I scored higher on Enterprising than Investigative. At first it was strange for me to see this because I thought I would be more Investigative than Enterprising. But once I read the basic interest scales for each code, it was clear on why I scored higher on Enterprising than Investigative. My MBTI codes were the same as my codes from the book, which was nice to see.

The occupations that interested me the most were dietitian, bartender, social worker, special education teacher, elementary school teacher, human resources specialist, customer service representative, school counselor, community service director, and university faculty member.

Also, the college majors that appealed to me the most where child development, counseling, dietetics/nutrition, health education, human services, family studies, recreation, social work, special education, and hotel management.

These occupations and college majors were most interesting to me because they involve helping people and learning new information that can be useful to a potential career. I always loved working with children because they bring happiness and laughter in my life. Therefore by choosing a major of child development would be very beneficial if I wanted to pursue a career as a child care worker or teacher.

Another career that greatly interests me is being a dietitian because I enjoy learning about eating healthy foods and teaching people how to live a healthy lifestyle. This developing passion towards eating healthy started a few years ago. I would research what foods contained certain vitamins and how they helped your body. Also, I would read the ingredients in every food item that I bought to make sure that the foods didn’t contain any harmful or unnecessary ingredient. After doing my research, I would spread the knowledge to my friends and family to suggest what foods they should purchase next time they go to the grocery store.

A career that shocked me, and my mom, was being a bartender. I was surprised to have that be scored the highest. My mom was more shocked than me and seemed like she didn’t like the idea of pursuing a career in that category. However, I personally think it would be interesting and fun to try it out sometime in my life. I enjoy interacting with new people and listening to what they have to say. Life is unexpected and full of surprises. I hope to have the experience as a bartender at some point in my life.

Overall, these top ten occupations and college majors interested me the most because of how much they try to fulfill people’s needs and help them live a happier, stress free life.

From the results, I discovered that I scored high on speech pathologist. This was interesting to me because I never saw myself having the option to fulfill a career in this field. I have never felt confident when I made presentations because I would get nervous. Also, I had trouble arguing my point across. I was always flexible and would try to avoid any arguments against family or friends. Therefore, speaking and enunciating my words was never a big skill of mine. Throughout my life my friends would tell me that I mumble or they didn’t understand what I said. However, now those comments have decreased and I feel more confident in what I have to say. But I am still working on my enunciation and talking slower for people to understand me. The reason that I could have scored high in this career is that I carry a large amount of patience and enjoy helping people. In the end, I was surprised to see that speech pathologist was one of my top four in the occupational scale because I have never been good at speaking clearly throughout my life.

Another result that interested me was that one of my top strong interest areas was athletics. I have always loved playing sports and being active. Throughout my life, I enjoyed playing volleyball. A few years ago I was offered a position to coach the freshman volleyball team at my high school. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take the opportunity due to school and work. But now that I look back, I wish that I took that opportunity and had the experience to coach a volleyball team. After discovering that athletics was one of my top interest areas, I am more encouraged to start playing volleyball again and possibly reconnect with the woman who offered me the position to coach the freshman volleyball team. Overall, it was interesting to see that athletics was a selection of my strong interest areas and I plan on playing volleyball again soon.

In the end I will incorporate my assessment results into my career planning by researching careers in more detail for my codes ESFJ and SEC. Also I will take some classes at my university that seem of my interest and is related towards my potential career. These results helped me receive a clearer picture on which direction I should be heading towards. Also, it allowed me to see which careers I will do well in and be satisfied with.